O’Humanity an online publication dedicated to understanding the future of democracy and the social and economic implications of technology. It’s a place that challenges us to grapple with the great issues of our time, and offers a forum to articulate our vision of the world.

Together, we form a community: a collection of voices all contributing to a much larger conversation about who we are, what we value, and how to create a world where the answers to those questions are revealed in the institutions we build and the lives we lead.

Fundamentally, we believe in democracy. This publication is an expression of that: the value of your writing is based on its substance, not on your individual credentials. Anyone can become a contributor, and will be evaluated on the content of what they have to say, not on who they are. No one has a special right to authority; we all have an equal right to expression.

This is not to say that our standards are low. On the contrary, the standards are elevated because no one gets a free pass. You must be able to back up your claims, make clear and consistent arguments, and discern fact from opinion and hearsay.

It is our hope that by engaging with these issues head on we can develop a greater understanding of the real challenges we face, and what is to be done. This is not simply an analytic exercise; it is also a visionary one. For to truly understand the world, we must not only know what it is, but also what it can become.