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Thank you for your interest in supporting O'Humanity, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. With your support we can continue our work to create a world in which all people can lead the lives they have reason to value. Your donation supports rising thinkers on the critical issues of our time. 100% of your donation goes to support O'Humanity.

You can choose to donate monthly (with options for different giving levels) or to make a one-time donation below. Your donations are 100% tax deductible, less value of benefits accepted.

 Other Ways to Support Our Work


0.5% of your purchase at Amazon can now go to O’Humanity. Through a program called Amazon Smile, you pay what you would pay regularly and you support our work.

To very easily change your Amazon smile charity, please click this link

After making O’Humanity your Amazon charity, you will need to go to every time you want buy from Amazon and support our work. If you go to you will only support Amazon.

We would be grateful if you took the time to make O’Humanity your charity on Amazon and to visit when shopping on Amazon. Thank you.