Our Purpose


A world in which all people can lead lives they have reason to value.


Conduct research and share information that furthers informed discourse around our vision.

What inspires us

We can increase substantive freedoms, the guarantees needed to maximize people's ability to lead lives they have reason to value. Substantive freedoms, as developed by Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen, are made up of two different categories of freedoms: capability freedoms and process freedoms. Capability freedoms provide individuals with options to choose from in life - including access to universal education and basic health care. Process freedoms provide individuals with basic civil rights that allow them to choose their own path - including free elections with viable opposition parties and a free and accessible press corps. We aim to address the threats posed to substantive freedoms by the following global issues.

Consequences of technological advance – While providing more equitable education opportunities is hugely important, we need to consider this effort within the context of larger societal trends and frameworks. The meritocratic framework we live in assigns value to individuals based on their potential productivity. While this framework is more equitable than a system that reproduces inherited status and privilege, it is highly problematic when we consider the trends of technological advance and automation. As machine labor threatens the imminent obsolescence of large swaths of humanity, issues of inherent vs. productive value of humans will be instrumental. Additionally, the looming potential for artificial intelligence to achieve human level general intelligence, and then to rapidly and vastly exceed human level general intelligence, threatens existential catastrophe.

Lack of public understanding around relevant issues – While the impacts of technological advance will impact all of humanity, very few of us are deeply, or even superficially, engaged with these issues. We are also woefully lacking in detailed understanding of other global topics of paramount importance. These are complex issues that require careful investigation and consideration. In order for us to help shape our futures to ensure that people are able to lead lives they have reason to value, we must take time to wrestle with these critical topics.  

Who We Are

We are idealistic people, committed to making the world a more just and equitable place. We are whomever shares this purpose.

If you want to get involved or to discuss more, we would love to hear from you, anytime, at info@ohumanity.org.